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Second City, Take One

In Travel on August 6, 2009 at 8:47 pm


In July, Bob and I took a trip to Chicago. It was my first trip to the Second City. We had some time-consuming family obligations but also managed a few days of sightseeing.

Some of the highlights:

Chi-Town Pizza in our Gold Coast neighborhood was a great find at 3:00 a.m. Watching the drunk clubbers while we downed our slices was almost as good as the pizza.

-Millenium Park, specifically the Cloud Gate, aka The Bean. And the animated fountains.

– Coming home each night to our lovely, quiet apartment at The Flemish House on Cedar Street.

-Eavesdropping on some very, very gay boys on the El one night when we had to pack in like sardines. “Honey you KNOW I love people of ALL kinds but THIS is riDICulous!”

-Seeing my first giant Rothko at the Art Institute of Chicago:

Yes that's me standing in front of a giant Mark Rothko painting

-Seeing Bob’s favorite view of the city at night, from Adler Planetarium.

-The surprise of finding such a lovely, quiet place as Ogden Slip.

-My martini at the Chicago Firehouse restaurant. Best ever.

-Our walk down the Oak Street Beach, and back through our neighborhood on Astor Street. Quiet streets and exquisite mansions. Fabulous.

-Sitting on a bench at the end of Navy Pier in the late afternoon sunshine. Perfect temperature, perfect one-beer buzz, great company.

Big cities are amazing. They are full of man-made marvels. And much noise. I’m happy to visit. I’m also very happy to come home.