People watching

One of my most favorite events of the year is the Waterfront Blues Fest. For $30 and some canned food you get 125 bands on 4 stages over 4 days in what has to be one of the best-run festivals anywhere. I look forward to it every year. There is magic in discovering an amazing band you’ve never heard of. The opportunity to buy a cd and meet the artists at the Music Millenium booth after the set is something that never fails to thrill me. But there’s more to the Blues Fest than music.

There’s people watching.

The people watching can fall into a multitude of categories. I give you just a few:

Unusual hair:

Cut it. Now.

The man boobs are just an added bonus.

This is a pretty outrageous mullet. But not as good as:

He was the winner of the day.

Tie dye and batik:

He gets double points for not only tie-dye, but cut-off sleeves as well. AND a headband. Wow.

It’s really the Elton John shades that win points here.

The panty lines are a special touch

Hmmm. Batik. Purple. Butterflies. Glitter hat. AND panty lines. Nice.

And then there’s the category I like to call “No more icecream:”

Oh. My. Gawd. Just stop eating. Seriously.

Blues Fest brings ’em out of the woodwork. Or the back bedroom. Or wherever it is they dwell. It sure isn’t my ‘hood.

I love it.

  1. Hey, where are the Hawaiian shirts?

  2. You know, it was a curious thing. Everyone must have read my last year’s blog slamming the Hawaiian shirted multitudes and taken my advice to leave the Aloha apparel at home. Either that or I was so gripped by all the freaky hair on parade that I neglected to notice the festive island wear.

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