A belated happy birthday

In Life on August 5, 2008 at 4:34 pm

to me.

Last week I had a birthday. It was a lovely day spent with Bob playing tourist in our beautiful town (after sadly seeing Lauren off at the airport… but that’s a subject for a different post) visiting the Chinese Garden, my favorite store “Garden Fever”, dinner at Bernie’s Southern Bistro and a stroll through the throngs of weirdos at Last Thursday on Alberta. A perfect summer’s day.

What keeps resounding in my head is what a difference a year makes. It’s a lesson to take with us at all times, that no matter what we are going through, eventually time passes and we feel better. Life goes on. Intellectually I knew that last year’s cancer treatment was finite, and that my strength would return and my hair would grow back, but while I was in the midst of it there were moments when, understandably I might add, it was hard to keep the finite nature of the beast in focus. It seemed as if I would be on my ass on the couch forever, destined to be an aching, nauseated, fatigued, bald observer of life but never again a participant. It sucked. I wrote things like this.

Now look at me! Nearly a year post-chemo and 9 months post-radiation I am healthy and strong and capable of doing everything I want to do. I have a wonderful boyfriend and a great new job. I’ve been able to totally mostly keep up with everything life throws at me (with help from my family – I’m not super woman) and sometimes I have more energy than I know what to do with! The garden is whipped into shape,  I’m cooking again, I can hike, bike, walk, you name it. I can even tourist all day and not have to take rest breaks!

What a difference a year makes.

Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. +You are truly an amazing woman, and I am proud to be your FBF!!! I love you honey, with all my heart, and together, we can conquer anything going forward. Last year is now over, your future is bright and you have been victorious! You should be very proud of yourself, I am…


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