A wonderful weekend

In Life on July 22, 2008 at 6:49 pm

You never really know, do you, when you agree to go stay with your parents how that is going to go. I’m happy to report that we had a fabulous weekend with the ‘rents at Black Butte.

Meems, as always, is the consummate hostess. And she’s really, really funny. She made us perform a family talent show. We did it. It was extremely amusing.


Dad continues to be sharp and funny and observant. I treasure my time with him.

Bob was having a serious case of golf lust. Maybe next time he can play 18 holes. His talent show performance of “William Shatner recites the lyrics to Elton John’s Rocket Man” had me in stitches.

Oh golf course, how I love thee

Oh golf course, how I love thee

And happy children. The girls are inseparable. They’re also the proud owners of sweatshirts from the $12.99 store that say “SIS TERS” under an inexplicable seagull design. The town of Sisters… seagulls… wtf?

JJ rode his bike a TON. We had a beautiful evening ride through the meadow at sunset. Lovely.

A great weekend. I love my family.


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