In Gardening, Life on July 9, 2008 at 3:13 am

I love my garden. I love my plants. I nurture them and proudly watch them grow.

Today I came home from work to survey the roofer’s finished product and discovered that they had trampled an entire bed. RIGHT in front of the house. Lacecap hydrangea. Japanese anemones. Hardy fuschia. Coleus. Ferns. Calla lilies. All trampled. Clematis completely broken. Camellias with huge burned patches. My old trusty rosemary is burned too. A very old lavender plant broken and smashed. There’s more but that’s what I remember from my first walk through. I can’t bear to go look at it any more.

Can I just say that I hate Interstate Roofing. With a passion. I will never recommend them to anyone. I appreciate the workers who are doing a hard job but their lack of finesse and care for a landscape I’ve coddled and nurtured for the last 19 years made me cry and cry. I can barely bring myself to post pictures. It’s just so much carnage.

Now I know that in the scheme of life it’s really nothing, but to me, in MY little life it is quite something.


  1. I feel sick for you, as I know how hard you have worked for so long to make your garden a part of you. It will rebound, as you know, just like you. For now, how sad.

  2. This is terrible! I actually had a similar experience with Interstate Roofing. Good luck rebuilding.

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