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In Cool Things, Music on July 6, 2008 at 5:51 pm

Discovering new artists to bring home and love is a definite highlight of Blues Fest.

Check out Caroline Wonderland from Austin, Texas. She blew us away with her Janis Joplin-esque voice and incredible guitar work. And she plays a trumpet named Patty. Plus, in her meet and greet she took all the time in the world to personally chat up every single fan while she personalized their cd. Who does that?

Our other discovery (and I’m ashamed I didn’t know of him years ago) is Paul Thorn. Wow. Not only does he have a great voice, incredible lyrics, a kick-ass band and serious stage presence, he’s also hilarious. His between song banter dryly delivered in a Mississippi accent had us rolling. I could have happily listened to him play for hours.

Now go out there and buy some real music!

  1. Dude! {Dudette?} YesYesYes!
    CW’s kat-herder here with minor details:
    the trumpet doesn’t really have a name
    (“trumpy” seems so, uh…well, yeah;
    “Patty” is the BluesHawk given to Carolyn
    by her friend, the exquisite Patrice Pike
    (and she doesn’t travel much anymore…
    the guitar, not the exquisite Patrice!
    – though she’s been in your neck of the woods
    before at High Sierra Music Fest, etc, and
    you could see her on the PBS Austin City Limits performance, uh, the guitar, not… yeah…}
    on “Long Way to Go” (co-written with Ray Benson)
    from Carolyn Wonderland’s new CD “Miss Understood”;
    and, oh yeah, it’s “Carolyn” (not “Caroline”) …
    ENJOY! Peace! ~ jc

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